Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Collaborative Update!

This week for collab I worked on getting things organized into some of the new folders that were made for animation. We are almost done with our animatic and with the main production for animation starting up soon. It will be good to know, where everything is going to go for everyone's rough and key animations. We are starting background design for some of the less important cereal boxes and I made a reference folder. For our background painter that way she can just post them there and be able to pull them up whenever needed.

Later this weekend I will be working on more color palettes with the background painter to come up. With a couple different varied palettes to choose from for later on, I will be posting them sometime in the coming week. I will be continuing to keep track of files as the project continues, and working on colors until we start animation in the coming week.

Until then!

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