Thursday, October 30, 2014

Collab Update!

This week I'm continuing to work with our background painter on the color palettes for the backgrounds. We are getting into the final facial animation for our keys and I believe that rough animation will be started soon. Though I think it will possibly be started this weekend, the final animatic should be done and presented on Monday. Below are the color palettes for the temporary backgrounds that we have at the moment.

 I also did some final color palettes for Candy kid and Vitaman as well. Below are the final two palettes for these characters, I've been keeping up with updating the google drive as well. I will be continuing to do this as we get farther into the semester.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Collab Update!

So for this week the group went and did two to three different versions of the animatic. With adding the final sounds to it including the voice acting from two of people, the final dialog voices. Are being added and I believe that we will be starting keys, if not basic rough animation we just need permission to move on. Same as last week, I will be working with the background artist on colors for the rough backgrounds. Once we have some rough colors set, I will be posting one of them including the colors to see how the characters will fit. Into the short as a whole, then test out to see what works what doesn't work etc.

I will continuing with collecting the files on the gdrive for the rest of this project. Along with maintaining a blog that we have for the project which I will be posting for over the weekend. This is a link to the tumblr, we have set up for this.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Collaborative Update!

This week for collab I worked on getting things organized into some of the new folders that were made for animation. We are almost done with our animatic and with the main production for animation starting up soon. It will be good to know, where everything is going to go for everyone's rough and key animations. We are starting background design for some of the less important cereal boxes and I made a reference folder. For our background painter that way she can just post them there and be able to pull them up whenever needed.

Later this weekend I will be working on more color palettes with the background painter to come up. With a couple different varied palettes to choose from for later on, I will be posting them sometime in the coming week. I will be continuing to keep track of files as the project continues, and working on colors until we start animation in the coming week.

Until then!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Update! And Possible Banner!

This week I took most of the files that had been posted on the group and organized them in the google drive along with renaming alot of files. That had gotten mixed a little, we were also thinking of banners. So I took a shot from one of the earlier animatic's and did this below.

I actually plan on adding more to this, possible brighter colors along with text. Once we figure it out, I will post some more version of this later in the week.