Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cafe Sketch Week 9

This week in cafe sketch we went over different line of actions. By just drawing a single line or two to show a emotion, then we took four of them and put gestures over them. After that we went and did some animal gestures to help when we go to the zoo on the 23rd of November. I had never done gestures of some these animals before and I will be working on that more often now. 

These are the animal gestures that we did in class to help us get ready for when we go to the zoo. 

In the second half of the week we worked on silhouettes. Which is something that I enjoyed a lot and I hope that we get to work on them more in the coming week. 

The homework that we had to do this week involved drawing more animals gesture with four different animals per page. But you could just do one animal for the page if you wanted too.

This is one of the largest post I have made in sometime and I promise that the next couple of ones won't be as big. I was going to split this into two, but I felt like it would be best to have them in one. I will be posting again later next week until then! 

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