Sunday, November 17, 2013

So Many Rocks!

For my environment in computer animation two, I had to make a bunch of different rocks in zbrush. I currently have up to 8 different ones that I plan on coping a bunch of times to make. The bottom of my environment for my light house. Here are at least five of the rocks that I worked on yesterday.

The colors of the rocks are all similar since they are all going to have to be in a single area. I would like to make at least three more this week with some other different shapes and sizes.

This is from last week but I wanted to show what the top of my light house looks like. It is finished now and I will be uploading some pictures of it either today or tomorrow. 

On one last piece of news I made a art blog on tumblr as well where I will be posting something at least everyday. Here is the link if you can to take a look at that as well.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cafe Sketch Week 9

This week in cafe sketch we went over different line of actions. By just drawing a single line or two to show a emotion, then we took four of them and put gestures over them. After that we went and did some animal gestures to help when we go to the zoo on the 23rd of November. I had never done gestures of some these animals before and I will be working on that more often now. 

These are the animal gestures that we did in class to help us get ready for when we go to the zoo. 

In the second half of the week we worked on silhouettes. Which is something that I enjoyed a lot and I hope that we get to work on them more in the coming week. 

The homework that we had to do this week involved drawing more animals gesture with four different animals per page. But you could just do one animal for the page if you wanted too.

This is one of the largest post I have made in sometime and I promise that the next couple of ones won't be as big. I was going to split this into two, but I felt like it would be best to have them in one. I will be posting again later next week until then! 

100th Post! Rectangles!

This is my 100th post on my blog! I never thought I would actually get that far when I first made it. But here we are now, for character design this week we had to do more rectangles in perspective. I plan on doing a few more later today that bend and twist in space. In all we had to have about 50 which has been the most for something like this so far. 

I'm going to be making another post after this showing what we did in cafe sketch this week along with the homework. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 8 Sketches!

This week during cafe sketch we went to watch a couple of people perform playing instruments. It was on the OSU campus and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I wasn't at class on Wednesday so the amount of sketches will be a little less this week than it is usually. 

 The first sketches below are from the homework, where we had to go back and look. Over our homework from weeks past and redo any poses that we thought were bad. Then redo them extricate the pose, and  the line of action . We had to do 16  in all I enjoyed redoing some of theses quite a bit. 

These are the sketches from the people that we saw perform on the osu campus.