Friday, October 25, 2013

Ren Fair, Costumes and Pirates!

Two weeks ago my cafe sketch class, went to the ren fair that was about a hour and 30 minutes away. It was the first one that I ever went to and I enjoyed it a bit. But I do wish that we had more down time to enjoy it since we had to get fifty drawings by the end of the day. We got to watch knights and pirates as well as a bunch of other people dressed in many different costumes. 

The second two pictures are when we went to the shadow box for the second time and got to watch them. Run though the show that they were going to be doing for the upcoming week. There was this one guy who was the main character and he did alot of great poses. 

I will be making a second post tonight around dinner that will show what we did this week in cafe sketch. It involves horses and a soccer game.

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