Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eastern Mall, Comedians and Hand Gestures!

Last week we had to do gestures of  comedians and list the names of each performer. I picked Robin Williams, Jim Carry, Wanda Sykes and Ellen DeGeneres. I had fun watching their performances while stopping them to draw gestures. 

We ended up going to Eastern mall at the second half of cafe sketch last week. We didn't have very long to draw since there was so much to do. But we were able to eat and visit a couple of places while getting our work done as well. I hope that we can back to Eastern sometime soon.

For homework this week we had to draw 16 different gestures of hands. This was the first time I've done gestures of hands in pen and I actually think I should try to do it more often now. I would like to go back and redo this again sometime on my own.

I will be putting up another post tonight, that will show some hands that I had to draw in perspective for my character design class.

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