Thursday, October 31, 2013

Character Expression Sheet!

In character design we had to do 25 different expressions for one character that had to do. With 5 emotional expressions, with five heads per expression. I messed up a little and ended up doing 25 different expressions for every single head. It had to have two separate layers, one for the line art then another. That include the color of the character I went and drew a character from a project. That I worked on over the summer known as the Greece project.

I will be making another post tomorrow showing the progress from cafe sketch this week. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sculpture! First Pass!

 Last week in character design we started working on these 3d sculptures. That was based off of a character of ours could be new or old. So I picked a character that I worked on before in animation two and a model sheet of her is below. Michelle's model sheet is old and I plan on reworking some of her construction soon. 

In the sculpt I changed her hair a bit, so it rests on her shoulders while a little falls forward. She hasn't been posed yet and I plan on going and doing that soon. This is just the first pass and I would like to work on a few more things on her here and there.

Over all I'm happy with what I have at the moment but I do plan on working on the boots some more as well as the face. I believe they both could use more attention along with some other things.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Horses and Soccer games!

On Monday we went to this horse congress, where many different people from around the country. Brought their horses to be judge by several people where they all went up against many people. It was the first time I ever did gestures of horses and I'm not completely sure that I got it down. But I would like to have more chances to try it in the future. 

These second ones are from a soccer game that we went on Wednesday night. It was actually really cold, so we didn't stay out that long but we got what we could in the amount of time there.  The players went really fast and all of them were wearing shorts. I hope that I can get more drawings next week. 

Ren Fair, Costumes and Pirates!

Two weeks ago my cafe sketch class, went to the ren fair that was about a hour and 30 minutes away. It was the first one that I ever went to and I enjoyed it a bit. But I do wish that we had more down time to enjoy it since we had to get fifty drawings by the end of the day. We got to watch knights and pirates as well as a bunch of other people dressed in many different costumes. 

The second two pictures are when we went to the shadow box for the second time and got to watch them. Run though the show that they were going to be doing for the upcoming week. There was this one guy who was the main character and he did alot of great poses. 

I will be making a second post tonight around dinner that will show what we did this week in cafe sketch. It involves horses and a soccer game.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vampires and Puffy Pants!

For the homework for cafe sketch this week, we had to create a vampire character. I came up this guy with puffy pants doing many different poses. That involve kicking, leaps, punching and throwing things. 

I will be posting the sketches from the last week or so tomorrow morning from cafe sketch! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mad Lab Studio Gestures!

This last week in cafe sketch we went to this place called Mad Lab and watched them practice for a show. The story was interesting and the ending was surprising I enjoyed it quite a bit though.  I was able to get about one hundred gestures, but I will only be posting three pages. Plus the homework where we have to draw a musician performing with four gestures. 

These are the homework gestures with the musicians listed in order. Phil Collins in true colors,  Lauren Aquilina in kings, Nico Vega in Beast and Green Day in the last one with wake me up. 

Wolf dog and Cafe Sketch Gestures!

This is from last week in cafe sketch the post is a little late. But luckily I was able to get everything scanned and put up. These are from both Wednesday and Monday but I think that they met be a little mixed up. We had a model on that Monday and drew from video during Wednesday's class. 

This is from when we went to the park with a friend during her class. They brought a wolf dog and we were able to do a couple of gestures of it. The dog was pretty big and really fluffy. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hands In Perspective!

Last week we were given a homework assignment, where we have to draw 4 different models of hands in perspective. Two of the hands had to be three fingered character types, while the other two had to have 4 fingers and be realistic. We were told to do 20 of each set which turned out to be 80 hands in the end. 
I like the first set of 40 that, I did but I would to go back and redo some of the last twenty or so. I actually enjoy drawing hands and had a lot of fun with these. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eastern Mall, Comedians and Hand Gestures!

Last week we had to do gestures of  comedians and list the names of each performer. I picked Robin Williams, Jim Carry, Wanda Sykes and Ellen DeGeneres. I had fun watching their performances while stopping them to draw gestures. 

We ended up going to Eastern mall at the second half of cafe sketch last week. We didn't have very long to draw since there was so much to do. But we were able to eat and visit a couple of places while getting our work done as well. I hope that we can back to Eastern sometime soon.

For homework this week we had to draw 16 different gestures of hands. This was the first time I've done gestures of hands in pen and I actually think I should try to do it more often now. I would like to go back and redo this again sometime on my own.

I will be putting up another post tonight, that will show some hands that I had to draw in perspective for my character design class.