Friday, September 6, 2013

Cafe Sketch Week Two!

In the second week of cafe sketch we stayed in the class room and actually drew from a model. All together I think I had about 85 sketches by the end of class. It was fun though and I believe I have already improved a little bit from last week. The sketches below are some of the ones from class this week. 
I will be making another post today from my character design from the warm up sketches that we did this week. Including some of the homework including cubes and rectangles. Until later! 


  1. Hi Blair,

    You're doing good work so far this semester. I'd like you to post your drawings for week 3, so i can compare to the first 2.



  2. Hi Blair,

    I'm enjoying you work so far this semester. You're grasping the concept of the class quite well so far. Please post your work from week 3, as well as the homework.