Saturday, July 6, 2013

Greek Temple Model!

So I've been busy lately working on modeling buildings of different types and varieties. I will be trying to make a blog post every day starting tonight. To show progress on each of these buildings and other environment type projects.  Down below is a couple of Greek pillars that I was working on either this week. There are several different kinds with different names and looks, I took the pillar known as a Doric and used that as the supporting  beams. For the actually temple itself tonight, I would like to move onto texturing this model.

This is a Ionic pillar one of the three types of usually pillars that were involved in the building of temples.

This is a Doric pillar the second of the three types of pillars that I modeled. When trying to figure out which one I was going to be using when I moved onto the actual temple. In the end I went with the Doric pillar to use for the final temple model. 

There are different tops that go with each type of pillar and I was playing around with two different ones. I'm not sure which one the first fall under but I do know that the second is a Doric top. 

Finally the actually temple had to be put together lucky this didn't take very long at all. I'm quiet happy with how the temple itself came out and I would like to move onto texturing it tonight.

Texturing itself wont take very long once that is done I would like to play around with the lighting and render a bit. Tomorrow I will be making another blog post with the progress of the texture and light of the temple. Later! 

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