Monday, June 3, 2013

Clothes and Weapons!

More stuff from the Greece project that I'm doing along side the Rhs model. This time I went out and made sure that I knew the type of clothing that was wore during the time period. I have a couple of  thumbnails of little environments too. I went and looked into some of the possible weapons that met have been used. 

These outfits are for both men and women though that weren't worn by just either gender. Some women wore some of the clothes that men did while men did the same. 

                     These were more for women of the time while the ones below are the ones for men.

Weapons that met have been used around the time by people who fought for entertainment of the public. Most were short knifes and swords, along with spears and other weapons. Each weapon would have its own name which is listed next to said weapon. 

Thumbnails of the inside of temples and a drawing of the outside of one. I need to go and do what the actual inside of peoples houses looked like during this time. As well as more props of daily everyday life for people. 

The next post will be tomorrow and will show some small doodles of fish as well as some arms and legs. I have started working on the second wall of the school as well and hope to have some progress posted up on that by Thursday if Saturday at the latest. 

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  1. Really nice job with the environments! I can definitely see lots of improvement here, Blair. :)