Saturday, June 22, 2013

Candy Store Model!

I've been trying to get into modeling more buildings lately since working on the high school building. They are just shops and stuff from around my city but they make for great practice. Something that I just finished working on yesterday was the front of a candy store from down town. The pictures below show it from different angels and a close up or two.

I'm going to be starting another building tonight or possibly a room. Not completely sure yet but I would like to include texturing and possibly lighting in the next little project. I have a lot of sketch book pages that I will be scanning tonight as well and hopefully putting up in another post soon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Greece Project: Another Character!

Something that I should have put up sometime ago was other character that met possibly be the side kick. I have a couples sketches of him though concept to emotions but he still needs a little more work. I realized that the main character hadn't really had a little friend that was her side kick in a way. Surprisingly it wasn't too hard to come up with this little guy.

From the basic concept to a couple of expression he's surprisingly fun to draw. I had fun messing around with his face a little bit. I would like to go back and work on just a full page of some for him.

I was messing around with a couple of sketches of him picking up a sword. I figured being his size that he met just have a little trouble picking up a sword or weapon. He would have to struggle with the weight a bit, I met go and actually use these as key poses for an animation in the near future. 

The last sketch was just something I wanted to do where the two main characters where together.

A week was a little bit of waiting time to update but I have been active and continuing work on these things. I will post again tomorrow with some environments and props for the buildings that I have been doing. Until tomorrow bye! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Doodles of The Day!

Just some doodles of my beta fish from yesterday since I wasn't quite sure what to work on during some down time. I'm to do some more tonight its actually kind of interesting to watch how he moves. 

I was looking at this thing that shows you how to draw hoodies and such. Thought that I could give it a try, I would like to work on it some more on the side sometime. 

I also did some gestures of arms and legs since its been some time I believe that I met be a little bit rusty.

 Hands and feet are going to be today along with possible tube and block figures of the head. I will update tomorrow with some progress of the Rhs model. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Clothes and Weapons!

More stuff from the Greece project that I'm doing along side the Rhs model. This time I went out and made sure that I knew the type of clothing that was wore during the time period. I have a couple of  thumbnails of little environments too. I went and looked into some of the possible weapons that met have been used. 

These outfits are for both men and women though that weren't worn by just either gender. Some women wore some of the clothes that men did while men did the same. 

                     These were more for women of the time while the ones below are the ones for men.

Weapons that met have been used around the time by people who fought for entertainment of the public. Most were short knifes and swords, along with spears and other weapons. Each weapon would have its own name which is listed next to said weapon. 

Thumbnails of the inside of temples and a drawing of the outside of one. I need to go and do what the actual inside of peoples houses looked like during this time. As well as more props of daily everyday life for people. 

The next post will be tomorrow and will show some small doodles of fish as well as some arms and legs. I have started working on the second wall of the school as well and hope to have some progress posted up on that by Thursday if Saturday at the latest. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

RHS High School model

I just started working on this big personal project on Wednesday. I will be working on a full big scale model of my high school in my home town. It's a old building with an interesting structure and I've been wanting to work on a big scale modeling project again. I plan on working on this for the next couple of weeks, hopefully with the goal to complete a wall every week. Or at least a small part of it luckily I was able to complete one side of it today.

These are a few pictures of the progress that I have made in the last four days. I have spent the last two days working on this non-stop. I will be taking a short break tomorrow to do some sketching then continue with the second wall starting on Monday. Another post will most likely be up tomorrow with sketches from the Greece project from the last post. See you tomorrow!