Saturday, May 18, 2013

Clock Model!

So I spent the last couple of days working on this clock in my free time. Since the summer has started I will be doing little projects here and there in my spare time.

First version of the model it still has some work to be done. 

I was finally able to add the things on the side of the model after some adjustment here and there. 

Final version of the model before I started texturing. 

Next are the final renders as of right now, I met go back and mess with it a little bit more. But I'm currently pretty happy with it I've been sketching quite a bit with expressions the last couple of days. I will be updating once again on Tuesday with expression sheets and character body ones as well.


A final render of the clock from a distances I will be messing with the textures a little bit more. Below are closer views of the render.

 I'm not exactly sure what I will be modeling next but I will be starting it tonight possibly tomorrow. Later! 


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