Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Greece Project

So I've been working on this little side project for a while now that eventually I would like to turn into a short. The characters are going to be centered in Greece during an early period in time. The exact time is still being determined and the story is still being worked out right now. But in the meantime I've been working on costumes and character expression/design.

This is the water spirit she doesn't exactly have a name at the moment. But she will at some point in the near future. These first two are playing around with expressions, while the third is a possible outfit for what she met wear.

This second one is the main  character like the other one she doesn't have a name either. The first thing below is character expressions, then the different body types at some point she will be changing genders. I'm still working on it but I want to make sure I have the two different bodies worked out for the character. 

 These are the possible body layouts for the character she doesn't look too different in between the two but I plan on working on it more as I go along.

The actual costumes will be in the next blog post along with more characters, props and environment sketches. There are more characters that going to be included in the next post.  I would also like include more poses eventually I will move onto color scripts and story boards once the story has been fleshed out.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Clock Model!

So I spent the last couple of days working on this clock in my free time. Since the summer has started I will be doing little projects here and there in my spare time.

First version of the model it still has some work to be done. 

I was finally able to add the things on the side of the model after some adjustment here and there. 

Final version of the model before I started texturing. 

Next are the final renders as of right now, I met go back and mess with it a little bit more. But I'm currently pretty happy with it I've been sketching quite a bit with expressions the last couple of days. I will be updating once again on Tuesday with expression sheets and character body ones as well.


A final render of the clock from a distances I will be messing with the textures a little bit more. Below are closer views of the render.

 I'm not exactly sure what I will be modeling next but I will be starting it tonight possibly tomorrow. Later! 


Friday, May 10, 2013

Demo Reel!

For our final assignment in animation two we had to make a demo reel of all our animations from the semester. So I went and put this together for class its interesting to see everything that I've done for the semester come together!

 I also did some doodles for charmander to try and get a better feel for his design. I will update again on Tuesday with some characters I've been working on! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Soap Animation Finished!

I was able to put together and finish my final for computer animation. After messing around in after effects I was able to put in music and a background. I have two version of it done one with a certain background and the other with just a plain color. I plan on turning the one with the background into my teacher on Monday.
Finals are starting to cool down, so I will be making another blog post on Tuesday!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Surfacing Soup!

I was finally able to render out my computer animation final today and it looks great! It took about 3 hours but was completely worth it. I was able to get the length out to twenty seconds after messing with after effects. Below I have some stills from the actual render and the latest mov. showing what I've got.

I have a couple wallpapers that I would like to add as a possible back ground so it isn't black. But I still haven't quite decided which one to use quite yet. I also have the mov. below from what I messed with in class today. 

It's very fast at the moment but I will be slowing it down quite a bit in after effects and with some editing. It will all be done by tomorrow night! I will update again soon when it's done.