Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walk_Cycle Process!

So I spent most of the weekend working on this personality walk cycle. I have to say that its come far from the struggles at the beginning. Their were some funny things going on with her back but I was able to straighten it out. 

This is the re done key frames from Thursday, this was before I started working on fixing the back twisting motion. 

The rough finished the sharp twisting motion was still their and her head followed it. More details were added onto her as well. 

This is the finished clean up the twisting motion with the back is gone and it looks a lot better now. I also added more secondary motion to the hair and with a slight bouncing of  her back arms. 

The final version its colored and I fixed some small things here and there. The arm on the right moves now and she doesn't jolt back and much when she leans back. I have to say that I'm actually happy with this at the moment some more fixes met be done in the future depending on. What is said in class on Thursday anyway until then I will be updating again on Thursday! See you then! 

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