Thursday, April 4, 2013

Environment Update!

Things have been a little busy, these last two weeks with coming back to school. Along with finals being just around the corner I have been busily working on my environment. I was able to finish the ceiling and have already started the lighting and renders as well.

The ceiling was one of the longest things that I had to work on for this environment. But after working on it for most of spring break I got it looking exactly as it had too. Below are some photos, showing the results of the ceiling work done over that time.

This one shows some of the very first progress, when I was laying out some of the main parts. That the wooden beams would be set into. 

This is a completed picture of the ceiling as a whole sadly, I wasn't able to find as many progress. Pictures as I had hoped too but that the time of working on this I didn't think I was going to get this done. Luckily that wasn't the case and I was able to find myself  a little ahead. 

In this last recent week I started working on lighting and rendering. The lighting took a couple of days to figure out and I had to get some help from my teacher. About how I would get light to flow though the window. I don't have any renders of the light though the window at the moment. 

But I do have some from what I was working on yesterday and today. These are from some rendering I did today while trying to get the light just right. As well as toning down the reflective surface on the walls. 

This is the most sucessful render that I have had of this part of the room to date. 

I would like to say that this is good where it is, but I'm going to go back and work on it a bit more in class tomorrow. The same can be said for the area below. 

This is all I have currently, but I plan on taking a few screen caps tomorrow to better show my progress as this project comes to a close. It is due on the 8th and I plan on working on it quite a bit. Until then!  

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