Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sound Gesture Animation Progress

This is from the sound assignment for animation two, I've had to do quite a couple of changes. Along the way but it's coming out even better now thanks to it. This first one is the finished key frames from a little more than a week ago.

After I finished the key frames the in between's were started for the rough. Which turned out a be a little too messy for what our teacher acutally wanted. 

This was actually too messy for me and my teacher had commented on something about it as well. So I went back and actually did a clean up for this, which made it look as better. 
The lines looked so much better with the clean up being done but sadly. There was a lot of things that need to be fixed the arms for one moved around too much. There was a little bit of morphing going on in some parts of the body as well. So I decided to go back and redo a lot of what need to be fixed. 
Which comes to this last part that is the fix up, it's not completely finished yet. It is about half way there I need to finish fixing up the arms and body gestures. If I have time I would like to go and finish adding the secondary hair animation as well. 

I plan on updating again tonight with the most recent progress from the environment for Computer Animation. I will be uploading the models I finished over the last week and the current ones that I'am working on at the moment. Until Then! 

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