Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Environment Progress!

Now that spring break has started, so far this break has been nothing but work, but that's good I'm getting things done and with this project. Being due soon as well I have to get as much done as I can with this week off. I spent all of yesterday working on this. 

As well as a little time that was spent on it today, I have everything texture but one thing. I only need to uv map about two things left and parts of the ceiling. Still need to be build but I plain on having the ceiling lay out completely done before Thursday. I went and took some screen caps of what has been done in the last two days. 

I plan on working on this more tomorrow and a bit tonight as well. I hope to make another blog post this week showing some characters. I have been working on along with my effects animation until then! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Computer Animation Environment Progress

Within the last week, I have been able to finish most if not all of my models for my environment. I spent at least hours, on Sunday putting everything together in one file. To see how my progress has been it looks, like I only need to finish modeling my ceiling. Which will be done this weekend. I started texturing some of my items this week as well.

 This is everything that is currently done for my environment at the moment. I have to say that, I'm quite happy with how this has turned out. I started working on this in the beginning of February and the whole assignment will be due by the first of April. 

Currently I have about eight items textured, I'm a little behind but I plan on spending most. If not all of spring break finishing this as much as possible. Below are some screen caps of a couple of the models that I have currently textured. They are not all completely finished but will be by tonight. 

A small lamp that will be in the back on a small dresser. 

Two items that are in the middle of the table behind the candles. 

This will be kind of hidden in a way, since it will be mostly under the table and hard to see. 

The basic design for the chair in the front of the table and the one in the corner as well. 

I'm planning on having more done soon, the next post will show my most current work in animation 2 with the effects animation. Until then! 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sound Gesture Animation Progress

This is from the sound assignment for animation two, I've had to do quite a couple of changes. Along the way but it's coming out even better now thanks to it. This first one is the finished key frames from a little more than a week ago.

After I finished the key frames the in between's were started for the rough. Which turned out a be a little too messy for what our teacher acutally wanted. 

This was actually too messy for me and my teacher had commented on something about it as well. So I went back and actually did a clean up for this, which made it look as better. 
The lines looked so much better with the clean up being done but sadly. There was a lot of things that need to be fixed the arms for one moved around too much. There was a little bit of morphing going on in some parts of the body as well. So I decided to go back and redo a lot of what need to be fixed. 
Which comes to this last part that is the fix up, it's not completely finished yet. It is about half way there I need to finish fixing up the arms and body gestures. If I have time I would like to go and finish adding the secondary hair animation as well. 

I plan on updating again tonight with the most recent progress from the environment for Computer Animation. I will be uploading the models I finished over the last week and the current ones that I'am working on at the moment. Until Then!