Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sound Animation and Computer Animation Progress!

Here is the second post that I promised today! I started working on a sound animation yesterday for animation two. I was able to finish the key frames today and started some of the rough, though I plan on going back and redoing alot of the first part.

Since there is some morphing involved with the key's and some inbetween's. We had to have six to seven models complete by the end of this week. Luckily I was able to get most of them done, but the last one which I've been having a little trouble with. But I plan on talking to my teacher was it tomorrow.

This first part is the keyframes from last night, I plan on putting this on youtube sometime tomorrow.

These are the key frames that I was able to finish in class today. 

This last part is the beginning of the rough, as I said earlier I plan on going back and doing a clean up of the beginning since it's so sloppy. I hope to finish this by tomorrow night or Saturday afternoon. 

For this week in computer animation we were asked to have at least 5 to 7 models done of our environment by Friday. I did a lot of the interior of the room this time around. 

This first one is the side wall of the room that includes a window. This will go on the left of the interior of the castle room. 

The walls of the room are mostly made out of these two types of wooden like doors. So I modeled out both of them and plan on coping them all around the room to make up most of the walls. 

There is a small table in the front of the room, its not going to be seen very much and it tiny. But here it is, luckily this didn't take too long. 

The right side of the room has this old fire place that is kinda weird. I only can find so many picture of it, since its an old room in a castle in Ireland. But I did the best guess work that I could. 

The last one isn't completely finished so I won't be posting it up here but I plan on adding it to the models on the next blog post. I've started putting a lot of the walls pieces into a bigger environment to try and get something together as a whole. Some things are off and I plan on going back to them later. 

Here is a little of the room so far, I'm going to be working on it more in the upcoming weeks. Well until next week later!

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