Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ratcliffe is done! Onto The Next Adventure!

I finally turned in Ratcliffe today, he's fully colored and everything. We got to start working on a new assignment today, that has to do with falling masses. We have to have a egg, water balloon, bowling ball and a feather all falling at the same time. But they each have to fall that there own separate rate.

This is the final Ratcliffe, colored version that I turned in today. I went back and changed a lot of it from the last post. One of the animation teachers here was kind enough to point out a couple of major things that needed fixing. Later that same night I went to the labs and did such that. 

 This one is the final clean up that I had fixed not too shortly. After having to completely re rough out the telescope  but it was completely worth it.

This is something that I had just started today, so it's still in the planning stage. But I plan on having it roughed out and finished by Thursday morning. 

Then last and not least, since we just started working on our environments for computer animation. We were told that we had to have three things modeled out by Friday  So far I'm in the progress of having two of them about half way done. I'm planning on starting the third one tomorrow morning. 

This is the chair that I'm currently working on, there are three chairs. Like this in the room, once this one is done I plan on copying it and knocking though's out of the way. 

Second item on the list this wasn't as hard as I thought, I now really just have a get a few more. Of the general shapes in there and I should be good to go into the third item. 

Well that's it for now, this post is a day late or two but I plan on updating again on Thursday with the falling masses progress animation until then! 

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