Friday, February 8, 2013

Falling Masses Animation and Environment Models.

This is a day late but we worked on this falling masses for animation two. Where we had to have four objects falling at the same time, a egg, feather, water balloon, and bowling ball. Below is the planning stage and some beginning of the rough. 

This next one is the finished version of the four falling masses, where the water balloon bounces. The egg breaking, the bowling ball hits the ground first and the feather falling last. 

This is some of the progress on my environment for computer animation, we were told to model least three items by Friday. So I worked on a chair, a frame and a pot. The pot needs to be fixed or possibly re done, depending on what I can do tonight. The same can be said for the legs on the chair as well, I plan on working  more on these models over the weekend. 

I have three more models that will be started and worked on over the course of the week by Friday. More on Monday! 

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  1. You seem to be taking well to computer animation and modeling. I'd like to see more wips of this stuff as you go along!