Thursday, February 21, 2013

Character Weight Animation

I'm a little late with posting as of late, things have been a little crazy. But I'm planning on making at least two post tonight. This one will show the animation that I did for class last week, which was the character weight. For animation two we had to have a character lifting a box and then a fridge. Below I will show how it was done from the key frames to the finished rough.

Here is the first of the key frames.

 Some of the rough progress after the finished key frames.

 The rough just before it was finished, I showed my teacher and was told to fix a little of the middle with the feet placement.

This is the final version of the character weight for animation two, I tried to fix some of the things from my last one. But I think I might have messed it up worse. The legs in the middle of the walk cycle to the fridge almost look like there sliding.

That's it until the next post! Where I will post the beginning of my sound animation and my recent progress with computer animation! Later!

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