Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Semester is back!

I'm going into my third week of being back in school, for the second semester and it was been pretty good. Up to this date so far I'm currently working on a cell phone model. For computer animation 1, it was taken me a little bit of time to figure out some things in Maya. But I feel like I'm getting the hang of it.

Here's the progress of what I have on it so far. I'm planning on working on it still and if the grid doesn't get messed up then I shouldn't have to do another one.

For animation two we're working on these in between's for Ratcliffe from pocahontas. It's only 21 frames, but the work load is quite a bit concerning the detail and everything. Below is some of the process from the first rough to the finished clean up.

Beginning Rough. 

Rough progress on Ratcliffe. 

Beginning work on the clean up. 

This is the finished clean up from earlier today. I believe that there are still little things, that can be fixed. I'm going to be posting again tomorrow! Until then!