Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Improvement Sketchbook Final Post

This class has been an amazing experience this semester. I have learned so much and I wish that the class was some what longer. Though this project was kinda hard, I feel like I can take a lot from this one. The second project is something that I will never forget. Working on such a large team of people was hard, but I was able to take some leadership skills from it.

This last project was more involved towards seeing how much improvement. I could get in just a month, I  believe that there has a good amount. The drawings were finished on Monday, and I spent the last day or so putting the book together. Which proved to be a bit harder than I first thought. The sketches came out to be 62 pages in the end and the book.

Had to be split into two separate little books, I have some pictures of them below.

There were some cover pages made for the books as well. This is the first Sketchbook that shows, work from the beginning. The drawings are put in order by date to show progress. This book shows from November 13th to November 28th.

This is an open page from the book, to show what the inside looks like. 

This is the second sketchbook, it shows the progress from November 29th to December 10th. 

Just like the first the second picture below shows. An example of what the pages inside look like. 

Everything that has been shown, in the previous post from before. Are all in these two books here from the post from before.  Post 3 Post 2 Post 1 Project Idea

This class has been wonderful and I'm going to take everything I have learned. With me from on now, I plan on continuing working on this sketchbook over the holidays. Once I make a new schedule of course. Till next time! 

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  1. Nice job, you should definitely continue this over break! :)