Monday, December 3, 2012

Improvement Sketch book Post 3

Hello! This is the third week of the Improvement sketch book! I spent this week mostly working on anatomy.  Bones, muscles, construction and such I went from legs to arms and the skeleton as well. The last week has been planned out. It will be focused on bringing everything that I have worked on up to this point together.

Here is the improved final schedule. I'm planning on going back to some things that I worked on in the beginning of this project. I'm going to do these again, but this time I plan on incorporating everything. That I have done up to this point gestures, shapes, blind contours. The muscles and bones all these will be incorporated into final pieces. 

There met be more pages because of this or less but in the end. It will result in them all being put together in a book. That will be put in order by each subject and body part. From the earliest ones to the most recent, depending on how long this book takes and time. The last thing on the 10th met not be done it will all depend on time. I would like to have this book made before Thursday. 

These muscle studies met be fully colored in the final version of the book. I know for sure they will be labeled. Now here is the result of this week. 

This is the Spinal & Rectus Abdomnius Muscles, the first is gesture while the second is made up mostly of shapes. 

These next two are Triceps and Biceps muscles study. 

The first is the triceps draw out in separate forms of the muscle. They are each labeled. 

The second is the biceps on the arms, these are drawn in shapes. 

A anatomy study of the neck involving the bones and muscles they are labeled for each separate part. 

Head anatomy study showing the skull. In casing the bones and muscles as well as the jaw and top of the skull. Those the close up of the jaw is not labeled. 

Some key parts of the human skeleton, I would like to go back and include them in more detail. Most likely this will be done sometime within the last week. 

Leg study of the bones and muscles. 

This first one includes parts of the hips and some muscles on the upper legs each part is labeled.  

This second page covers more of the knee and hip area one of the muscles on the ankle is labeled.

More Head/Portrait Construction studies done mostly in shapes and blind contours. These are helped quite a bit the head isn't that hard to draw anymore. 

Head construction in shapes. 

Head construction in blind contours. 

This last one is on body construction in shapes, something I'm still working on. I will continue to do so even after this project is done. 

There are more pages but I wasn't able to get them up at this time. However they will be up later in the week I'm thinking on uploading a design for the cover of the book. Some thought has been put into the over all look but I would like to put some designs on here before next week. I'm hoping to have about another 10 pages done by next week with the book being finished before next Tuesday. Until then!

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