Monday, November 26, 2012

Improvement Sketch book Post Two

Hello the second week for the Improvement sketch book has been mostly finished. I'm a day behind, but that will be fixed I will spend extra time. That way I can make sure that I don't fall behind schedule. Most of the next week is planned and will finished with soon. 

This chart met be a little hard to read. But this is the schedule so far  I'm still planning out the last two weeks. The chart is run by each day that something has to be done. Since this sketch book is being drawn in every single day. But so far I'm only a day behind I plan on fixing that tomorrow though. 

This last week of sketches starts from the second torso study that you saw last week. This week we have several things covered and by the end of the week I started doing bone studies. I'm planning on having this move onto more bones and muscle as well. I would like to work on portrait, but I'm still looking around. I want to careful have the schedule finished by tomorrow night. 

This starts off from last week with an arm study of shapes and blind contours. 

Shape Arm Study. 

 Blind contour's from the arm study. 

Next is a leg study but this one was only a single page. I'm going to put an extra day to come back later.  On the schedule so I can have more for this. 

Study of the leg's form in shapes. 

These next three pages are on body construction, this is something I would like to go back to. Within the last week and redo since I feel like I can do better on this. 

Body Construction study with lines. 

Body construction study working from lines to shapes. 

Body construction Gestures. 

Body construction with blind contours. 

With these next two I tired to do something like small portrait drawings. But they came out looking more like a second head study portraits will be returned too. 

Portrait and head study shape/gesture. 

Portrait and head construction breaking down shapes and noses. 

These two are nose studies, they were a little off schedule. But luckily I was able to fit it in I haven't worked on them in sometime. 

Nose study with gestures.

Nose study with construction of shapes. 

The last couple of pages are when I started going more into anatomy. I'm working on bones and muscles mostly in this upcoming week. 

Bone Gluteal Group Gesture Study.

Bone and Muscle Gluteal Group shapes study. 

Arm bone study with gestures. 

I'm going to be adding more to the chart soon, once I do a little more research. I'm carefully planning the next two weeks I hope to show improvement. By going back and redoing some of the earlier ones in the last week. Till next time! 

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