Monday, November 19, 2012

Improvement Sketch Book Post 1

Hi everyone! I just finished my first week of working on things for my improvement sketch book. It was mostly spent working on anatomy and body studies with gestures, blind contours, and shapes for each day. The first three pages are of the torso, from last Tuesday. 

Torso study in gestures. 

Torso study in shapes. 

Torso study in blind contours. 

These are second torso studies but there aren't as many and they are a little bit bigger. 

These next three are from Wednesday which was a head study. Which is something I plan on going back to at a later date in this project. 

Head gestures study. 

Head's structure in shapes. 

Blind contours of several different heads. 

The next one is a hand study I plan on going back to most of these just before the end. To see if there has been improvement of any kind. There hasn't been a page limit yet but it has been mostly three so far. 

Hands in simple shapes.

Hand blind contours, there isn't any gestures but I plan on going back tonight and doing some extra ones. 

The next couple are feet gestures, shapes and contours once again. The rest are body structure studies which I would like to focus on this upcoming week. 

Feet gestures. 

Feet in simple shapes and blind contours once again. 

These last couple are the beginning of the body structure studies. I will be spending a day or two on these within this second coming week. I'm also planning on working on arms and legs some portraits will be included as well. 

Some of these last one's were done during the animation student collective meeting. Bethany Craig was giving everyone a drawings lesson as well as some tips. They helped out quite a bit. 

That is all for now, there will be quite a few more which in the coming week. This is quite a bit for one post so I will most likely start posting these every couple of days. That way there won't be such a over load of images, that's it until later in the week stay tuned. 

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  1. Wow girl! look at you draw! Nice to see you excited and getting down to business!