Sunday, November 11, 2012

Design4Media Project 3 Idea's

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing for this next project. I have at least two possible ideas at the moment. I would like to work, on another group project if possible. But at the moment I don't really know of any that are really being planned anyway.

  1. An improvement sketch book. Which would be, a hour of life drawing a day. Along with other practices of drawing, such as gestures, blind contours, anatomy studies, for hands, feet, etc. Environmental sketches, backgrounds, portrait drawing would be included. There would be a calender, shown with a goal set for each day. 
  2. The sketch book would have to filled, or at least half way filled. By the end of the month the end result would be a small book. That would be thrown together from the best of the last month. 
  3. The exception would be the start, since it would show some of the earlier ones. From the beginning, towards the middle would be slightly better ones. Hopefully some improvement will show the best of the sketch book would be included at the end. 

The Second idea would involve a book of concept sketches, backgrounds, and environment too.  Involving the different myths and legends around Christmas. Some of the tales would include origin and others stories, from such as the Krampus, St. Nicholas, the Norse origin of Jack Frost, etc. 

There are several more myths and legends listed, that can be used if I do pick this idea. I also have a collection on information about each of the legends. That I would be using along with several different versions of each one from different cultures. 

I'll post some sketches and the calender for each idea soon. Once I decide exactly,which one I'm going to pick it is still undecided though. The calender, will hopefully be up by tonight or tomorrow afternoon with the goal set up for each day. 

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