Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Animation Final Animatic and Begining Rough

We've finally started working on the roughs, for our finals in animation today. I started working on the middle of it scene 3, the final animatic was finished. Earlier in the week everything is timed out! So the only thing left to do is rough the rest out I hope to have scene 3 finished by the end of this weekend.

This is the animatic for my 20 second final in animation. 

This is the two seconds that have been roughed out for it so far. It takes place during scene 3. 

The story behind my animation, has to do with a young woman. who has recently lost a loved one,worried he possess's a teddy bear, that he gave her just so he can see her again. More is going to be done tomorrow, I will update with the results then. 

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