Monday, November 26, 2012

Improvement Sketch book Post Two

Hello the second week for the Improvement sketch book has been mostly finished. I'm a day behind, but that will be fixed I will spend extra time. That way I can make sure that I don't fall behind schedule. Most of the next week is planned and will finished with soon. 

This chart met be a little hard to read. But this is the schedule so far  I'm still planning out the last two weeks. The chart is run by each day that something has to be done. Since this sketch book is being drawn in every single day. But so far I'm only a day behind I plan on fixing that tomorrow though. 

This last week of sketches starts from the second torso study that you saw last week. This week we have several things covered and by the end of the week I started doing bone studies. I'm planning on having this move onto more bones and muscle as well. I would like to work on portrait, but I'm still looking around. I want to careful have the schedule finished by tomorrow night. 

This starts off from last week with an arm study of shapes and blind contours. 

Shape Arm Study. 

 Blind contour's from the arm study. 

Next is a leg study but this one was only a single page. I'm going to put an extra day to come back later.  On the schedule so I can have more for this. 

Study of the leg's form in shapes. 

These next three pages are on body construction, this is something I would like to go back to. Within the last week and redo since I feel like I can do better on this. 

Body Construction study with lines. 

Body construction study working from lines to shapes. 

Body construction Gestures. 

Body construction with blind contours. 

With these next two I tired to do something like small portrait drawings. But they came out looking more like a second head study portraits will be returned too. 

Portrait and head study shape/gesture. 

Portrait and head construction breaking down shapes and noses. 

These two are nose studies, they were a little off schedule. But luckily I was able to fit it in I haven't worked on them in sometime. 

Nose study with gestures.

Nose study with construction of shapes. 

The last couple of pages are when I started going more into anatomy. I'm working on bones and muscles mostly in this upcoming week. 

Bone Gluteal Group Gesture Study.

Bone and Muscle Gluteal Group shapes study. 

Arm bone study with gestures. 

I'm going to be adding more to the chart soon, once I do a little more research. I'm carefully planning the next two weeks I hope to show improvement. By going back and redoing some of the earlier ones in the last week. Till next time! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Improvement Sketch Book Post 1

Hi everyone! I just finished my first week of working on things for my improvement sketch book. It was mostly spent working on anatomy and body studies with gestures, blind contours, and shapes for each day. The first three pages are of the torso, from last Tuesday. 

Torso study in gestures. 

Torso study in shapes. 

Torso study in blind contours. 

These are second torso studies but there aren't as many and they are a little bit bigger. 

These next three are from Wednesday which was a head study. Which is something I plan on going back to at a later date in this project. 

Head gestures study. 

Head's structure in shapes. 

Blind contours of several different heads. 

The next one is a hand study I plan on going back to most of these just before the end. To see if there has been improvement of any kind. There hasn't been a page limit yet but it has been mostly three so far. 

Hands in simple shapes.

Hand blind contours, there isn't any gestures but I plan on going back tonight and doing some extra ones. 

The next couple are feet gestures, shapes and contours once again. The rest are body structure studies which I would like to focus on this upcoming week. 

Feet gestures. 

Feet in simple shapes and blind contours once again. 

These last couple are the beginning of the body structure studies. I will be spending a day or two on these within this second coming week. I'm also planning on working on arms and legs some portraits will be included as well. 

Some of these last one's were done during the animation student collective meeting. Bethany Craig was giving everyone a drawings lesson as well as some tips. They helped out quite a bit. 

That is all for now, there will be quite a few more which in the coming week. This is quite a bit for one post so I will most likely start posting these every couple of days. That way there won't be such a over load of images, that's it until later in the week stay tuned. 

Roughs Finished!

My final for animation 1 is completely roughed out now! I'm missing a second but luckily its a easy fix. I'm really excited to start clean up on it, then after that hopefully color! I did add quite a few things to do today. The bear run cycle was extended, I had Eve sat up from the chair near the end. A slow walk was added at the end of the run several other things as well. See what you can find!

The finished roughs for my 20 second animation final.

Improved rough for Scene 6, including the run cycle. 

 Finished ending with a few new things here and there. 

Well that will be it with this until next week since thanks giving is coming out. I won't be able to work on clean up until then. Everyone have a good Holiday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Final Animation Progress!

I finished the rough for scene 5 today, along with that scene 3,4 and 5 are now done! I've started scene 6 and should have it done by tomorrow. Then I plan on hopefully finishing the roughs for the ending. If I'm able to do that early then, I can get started on the beginning as the last part. Then roughs will be done and onto clean up!
This is the rough for scene five, I added him looking around. Then shaking the chair to get her attention once he's there. 

This is only halfway done, I'm going to have her and the bear blinking. Back and forth at each other the scene is only going to be a second long. 

Here is the improved animatic! I added the rough scenes that have been done so far!
More to come soon!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Animation Final Progress..

I was able to finish the rough for scene 4, today though it met still need some work later on. I started working on scene 5 the key frames are just about finished. I did a run cycle for the first time today. Along with one in perceptive, which was a little difficult but I had fun with it. Now I just have to go back and do the actual rough at some point soon. More progress in the next day or two!

The rough for scene 4, I believe I will have to go back. At some point to fix something and do clean up. 

The key frames for scene 5, is the run cycle along with the one in perceptive. The rough will be done on Wednesday hopefully I can start on scene 6 and 7 then. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Design4Media Project 3 Idea's

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing for this next project. I have at least two possible ideas at the moment. I would like to work, on another group project if possible. But at the moment I don't really know of any that are really being planned anyway.

  1. An improvement sketch book. Which would be, a hour of life drawing a day. Along with other practices of drawing, such as gestures, blind contours, anatomy studies, for hands, feet, etc. Environmental sketches, backgrounds, portrait drawing would be included. There would be a calender, shown with a goal set for each day. 
  2. The sketch book would have to filled, or at least half way filled. By the end of the month the end result would be a small book. That would be thrown together from the best of the last month. 
  3. The exception would be the start, since it would show some of the earlier ones. From the beginning, towards the middle would be slightly better ones. Hopefully some improvement will show the best of the sketch book would be included at the end. 

The Second idea would involve a book of concept sketches, backgrounds, and environment too.  Involving the different myths and legends around Christmas. Some of the tales would include origin and others stories, from such as the Krampus, St. Nicholas, the Norse origin of Jack Frost, etc. 

There are several more myths and legends listed, that can be used if I do pick this idea. I also have a collection on information about each of the legends. That I would be using along with several different versions of each one from different cultures. 

I'll post some sketches and the calender for each idea soon. Once I decide exactly,which one I'm going to pick it is still undecided though. The calender, will hopefully be up by tonight or tomorrow afternoon with the goal set up for each day. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Animation Final Scene 3 rough

I worked more on my final 20 second animation today. I was able to finish scene 3 and scene 4 is key framed as well. As being about halfway roughed out, more will be coming again soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Animation Final Animatic and Begining Rough

We've finally started working on the roughs, for our finals in animation today. I started working on the middle of it scene 3, the final animatic was finished. Earlier in the week everything is timed out! So the only thing left to do is rough the rest out I hope to have scene 3 finished by the end of this weekend.

This is the animatic for my 20 second final in animation. 

This is the two seconds that have been roughed out for it so far. It takes place during scene 3. 

The story behind my animation, has to do with a young woman. who has recently lost a loved one,worried he possess's a teddy bear, that he gave her just so he can see her again. More is going to be done tomorrow, I will update with the results then. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Design4Media The Ugly Dinosaur Last Post.

This is the last week of the project, I took over a clean up for someone. Over the weekend since they were over swapped with homework. I just did the clean up for scene 3 of Oscar. Some of the video's that I took over the course of the last couple of weeks. Were put into the documentary just earlier today, they are of the team working.

For these videos, the background sound has, been fixed and edited out for the documentary. 

We had some extra stuff that had to be done before we started putting things together on Monday. Jinny had to do the rock slide, while Hillary took care of a last minute clean up. Michelle took a clean up from someone as well to get it done in time. The project has been rough, but I've enjoyed every minute of it. This experience will be staying with me for a long time to come.