Monday, October 29, 2012

The Ugly Dinosaur Update Post 4

Rough animation is just about done, and the main objective is going to be clean up starting tomorrow. I took on some documenting of the project along with Hillary. I did interview's of just about everyone on the team.

Here are some of the interviews of Hillary Hastings, Vincent Alexander, and Callie Braceras.

There were was a video taken of everyone at work along with some pictures. 

Stuff that will need to be due tomorrow from everyone. We will more than likely be focusing on clean up. Depending on who has what done from the previous week. 


Kaleb: Dot's rough for scene 5 the first part. Since it is being split between you and Lance. 

Lance: Will be finishing off the rest of Dot's animation for scene 5. 

Hillary: Have the clean up of Doop finished for scene 3. 

Vincent: The rough animation for Oscar from scene 5 finished.

Michelle: Clean up for Dip from scene 3, should be finished. 

Callie: Clean up for Drake from scene 3 done, along with the clean up for Oscar from the second part of scene two. 

Marianna: The clean up of Oscar for the second scene should be finished as well. 

Donovon: Finishing the key poses for scene 5 of all the brothers. Along with the rough animation too. 

Isabelle: Have the roughs of Oscar for scene 4 finished. 

Jinny: Clean for scene one finished and colored. 

I'm hoping that these will all be done before tomorrow, I'm going to be taking to Laura and Jinny tonight. About what needs to be done for tomorrow and how much we have left. Until next time!

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  1. Great job doing the interviews and keeping everything organized.