Monday, October 22, 2012

The Ugly Dinosaur Update Post 3

The animation team is slowly making progress. The roughs for scene 1 are done.
The roughs for scene 2 are all done, besides the first part for Oscar. The roughs for scene 3 are currently in progress. We started some of the clean up, I worked on one of the scenes from 2 of Dot.

More clean up will most likely be started tomorrow depending on 
who has what roughs done. I have a list of who should be working on what.  

               Scene 3 Roughs

  •   Kaleb: Dot's animation up to when we see Oscar with the three brothers in scene 3. 
  •   Lance: Will be finishing off the rest of Dot's rough for scene 3.   
  •    Callie: Have scene 2 rough finished with Oscar. 
  •   Vincent: Oscar's rough for the first part of scene 3 finished. Up to the part with the cycling of the brothers. 
  •   Marianna: Oscar's rough for the second part of scene 3 finished.
              The Brother's
  • Donovon: Drake's rough for scene 3 finished. 
  • Isabelle: Dip's rough for scene 3 finished. 
  • Michelle: Doop's rough for scene 3 finished. 
  • Hillary: Clean up for Dot of scene 2 finished. 

        Hopefully these will all be done and given to us by tomorrow. Another list of jobs will be up in the next day or so. The roughs are slowly moving forward. More work will come soon! 

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  1. Really cool to see the animation cleaned up! It looks like you did a good job keeping the energy of the original roughs. That's always good to keep in mind, because sometimes clean-up ends up making the animation more bland.