Monday, October 1, 2012

Design4Media Project 2 Prompt

Design 4 Media Prompt. 

     A animated short stop motion film, produced traditionally that would be about 2 minutes. 

Plot: The story is about Jack a young man who in a since has lost all interest in the world around him. He isolate's himself from the world, as a result Jack wishes the world would vanish. Everyone included  that night when he goes to bed. Jack wakes up to find himself in a barren desert, a world that is entirely different from his own. 

The world is inhabited by strange creatures and is mostly devoid of life. Finding himself alone in a strange world Jack must travel through this empty land. With his strange travel companion, a small shape shifting mouse names Zinc to find his way back home. Along the journey he encounters people and problems, Jack must learn to trust and work with other people. Again if he wants to make it home.  

                                                    Concept Sketches 

Here are some concept sketches of Jack in the making down below up to the making of the rough model sheet. His design is still in the works and can be changed later on if needed. 

Jack in the making. 

Face and hair pre design's. 

 More finalized design of Jack. 

Sketches of Jack and Zinc. 


                 The story can be edited or changed a little into the first week if people have idea's or things that they would like to add. The project is something we would all share so I would want to hear on 


For the making process of the short I was thinking, something along the lines of this video below. Which is a great example, of something similar that I would love to do. 


                                   Here is a basic chart for the roles in this project. 

                        There are a few people, I would like to Nominate. 

Head of Editorial: Hillary Hastings

Head of Art Direction: Jinny Hinkle

Head of Visual Development: Laura Mansfield

Head Puppeteer: Emma Pennington.

Emma has had some experience working with puppets in stop motion before. I would love to work with her if this project is picked. Here are some examples of her stuff with stop motion. 

                                                 Then last a time chart....

                                        That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by! 


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