Monday, October 29, 2012

The Ugly Dinosaur Update Post 4

Rough animation is just about done, and the main objective is going to be clean up starting tomorrow. I took on some documenting of the project along with Hillary. I did interview's of just about everyone on the team.

Here are some of the interviews of Hillary Hastings, Vincent Alexander, and Callie Braceras.

There were was a video taken of everyone at work along with some pictures. 

Stuff that will need to be due tomorrow from everyone. We will more than likely be focusing on clean up. Depending on who has what done from the previous week. 


Kaleb: Dot's rough for scene 5 the first part. Since it is being split between you and Lance. 

Lance: Will be finishing off the rest of Dot's animation for scene 5. 

Hillary: Have the clean up of Doop finished for scene 3. 

Vincent: The rough animation for Oscar from scene 5 finished.

Michelle: Clean up for Dip from scene 3, should be finished. 

Callie: Clean up for Drake from scene 3 done, along with the clean up for Oscar from the second part of scene two. 

Marianna: The clean up of Oscar for the second scene should be finished as well. 

Donovon: Finishing the key poses for scene 5 of all the brothers. Along with the rough animation too. 

Isabelle: Have the roughs of Oscar for scene 4 finished. 

Jinny: Clean for scene one finished and colored. 

I'm hoping that these will all be done before tomorrow, I'm going to be taking to Laura and Jinny tonight. About what needs to be done for tomorrow and how much we have left. Until next time!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Gestures

Just some gestures from Friday during the animation student collective meeting.
More to come later this week! 

First Animatic for Animation Final!

     We started working on our final's for animation one! I've already done the story boards and now we're on to the animatics. This is the first one its about 21 seconds, the story is about a young woman who has lost a loved one. Recently and he comes back to visit her and does it by possessing a bear. I'm planning on showing, this in class tomorrow morning, and then depending on responses I will edit out what I have to by Wednesday.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Ugly Dinosaur Update Post 3

The animation team is slowly making progress. The roughs for scene 1 are done.
The roughs for scene 2 are all done, besides the first part for Oscar. The roughs for scene 3 are currently in progress. We started some of the clean up, I worked on one of the scenes from 2 of Dot.

More clean up will most likely be started tomorrow depending on 
who has what roughs done. I have a list of who should be working on what.  

               Scene 3 Roughs

  •   Kaleb: Dot's animation up to when we see Oscar with the three brothers in scene 3. 
  •   Lance: Will be finishing off the rest of Dot's rough for scene 3.   
  •    Callie: Have scene 2 rough finished with Oscar. 
  •   Vincent: Oscar's rough for the first part of scene 3 finished. Up to the part with the cycling of the brothers. 
  •   Marianna: Oscar's rough for the second part of scene 3 finished.
              The Brother's
  • Donovon: Drake's rough for scene 3 finished. 
  • Isabelle: Dip's rough for scene 3 finished. 
  • Michelle: Doop's rough for scene 3 finished. 
  • Hillary: Clean up for Dot of scene 2 finished. 

        Hopefully these will all be done and given to us by tomorrow. Another list of jobs will be up in the next day or so. The roughs are slowly moving forward. More work will come soon! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Ugly Dinosaur Scene 1 Progress

I worked on a small part for scene 1 of The Ugly Dinosaur, its the egg bounce part. Where Oscar is knocked out of his nest by lightning. As for progress, I talked to Jinny and Laura on Tuesday then had Callie work. On the animated roughs for the first part of scene 2 for Oscar, while Isabelle worked on the roughs for scene 2 of the second part with Oscar. 

Kaleb and Lance did the animated roughs for Dot of scene 2. The roughs for scene 3 will be started tomorrow and the next jobs will be handed out then. Until later!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Design4Media Project 2 Post 2 checkin

The progress on the Ugly Dinosaur is coming along! I started doing the key frames for the first two scenes. We're planning on starting Animation this week and after talking with Jinny and Laura. It's mostly that we'll working on scene two first, since all of the backgrounds are already set. Here is the key frames for scene 1. 

At the moment these are just thumbnails at the moment and are most likely to change. Depending on what Jinny and Laura have to say, here are the thumbnail key frames for scene 2. 

More thumbnails will be added to this in a day or so since I feel like since I don't have enough at the moment. Starting process for scene's 3 and 4 will be up within the week. There will be more to come soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Draft Sound Animation 2

Updated version of my rough sound animation, it's just about finished a few frames. Near the end are missing but it times out pretty well. I will be working on it tomorrow so a more finished version will be up within a couple of days.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Draft Sound Animation

This is a draft of my sound file animation for class, it's only the key frames at the moment. The sound somehow wasn't exported with the rest of the video. The sound clip is from a movie. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Design4Media Project 2 Post 1

So I choose to work on the Ugly Dinosaur, under Jinny Hinkle and Laura Mansfield. I will be working as the head of animation and as an tweener for the brothers! So far I have put together a bunch of videos as references. For when we start the process hopefully these will help everyone out!

Here is the YouTube page

With all the videos, I found it was put together by our editor! I'm really excited to be working on this! I can't wait for more!

Finished Walk Cycle

                           The walk cycle for animation is done! There is a slight repeat at the end with the tapping of the foot. Which I will edit out someday soon. This is a shy or more nervous kind of walk cycle.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Design 4 Media Portfolio

Since we have to pick teams tomorrow for this project we want to work on I put together. A small portfolio of recent and best work. From Animation and of character designs as well as model sheets.

Animation Walk cycle draft

                                          Animation Walk Cycle 

We had to make a new character for animation for the upcoming walk cycles. So I was thinking along the line of forest creatures and combined a person with a rhubarb plant. Hence Rhub here down below.                                   

                                                       Concept sketches of Rhub. 

Here is the finished and colored model sheet of Rhub from class on Monday. 

This is the rough of the walk cycle it's not finished and I have a few things that I have to go back. Then add to but here is the first draft of it! 

That's all for now!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Design4Media Project 2 Prompt

Design 4 Media Prompt. 

     A animated short stop motion film, produced traditionally that would be about 2 minutes. 

Plot: The story is about Jack a young man who in a since has lost all interest in the world around him. He isolate's himself from the world, as a result Jack wishes the world would vanish. Everyone included  that night when he goes to bed. Jack wakes up to find himself in a barren desert, a world that is entirely different from his own. 

The world is inhabited by strange creatures and is mostly devoid of life. Finding himself alone in a strange world Jack must travel through this empty land. With his strange travel companion, a small shape shifting mouse names Zinc to find his way back home. Along the journey he encounters people and problems, Jack must learn to trust and work with other people. Again if he wants to make it home.  

                                                    Concept Sketches 

Here are some concept sketches of Jack in the making down below up to the making of the rough model sheet. His design is still in the works and can be changed later on if needed. 

Jack in the making. 

Face and hair pre design's. 

 More finalized design of Jack. 

Sketches of Jack and Zinc. 


                 The story can be edited or changed a little into the first week if people have idea's or things that they would like to add. The project is something we would all share so I would want to hear on 


For the making process of the short I was thinking, something along the lines of this video below. Which is a great example, of something similar that I would love to do. 


                                   Here is a basic chart for the roles in this project. 

                        There are a few people, I would like to Nominate. 

Head of Editorial: Hillary Hastings

Head of Art Direction: Jinny Hinkle

Head of Visual Development: Laura Mansfield

Head Puppeteer: Emma Pennington.

Emma has had some experience working with puppets in stop motion before. I would love to work with her if this project is picked. Here are some examples of her stuff with stop motion. 

                                                 Then last a time chart....

                                        That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by!