Friday, May 11, 2012

                                                       Practice Gestures

Today I was looking around pixel lovely to see what I could find for gestures the one's on the top were done in 3 - 5 minutes. Well the ones on the bottom vary from 2 - 4 minutes and I plan on making the time shorter when I do some more practices tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

                                          Running_Tails Animatic

This was my final for my story boarding class and we worked on them for about a month mine was a basic story about a dog chasing his ball. Kind of over used but I would like to think that it came out cute it turned out to be about 2 minutes all together. I will be posting a earlier work from the class that will involve the story board then the animatic for a commercial that had to be 30 seconds.

                                                       Hand Doodles
I finished my first year of collage as a animation student at CCAD and now have endless free time so I decided that I'm going to do hand studies today. Then feet studies tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'm doing Saturday but I'm going to practice drawing everyday to really improve this summer. I'm going to put up some story boards from earlier in the semester and the final animatic tomorrow.